Reduce your company's pharmacy prescription costs - guaranteed.

If you are in charge of reducing your company's pharmacy prescription costs, you have probably learned that it is next to impossible.

Until now.

Our revolutionary program easily plugs into your current healthcare infrastructure and immediately starts saving your company (and employees) money on chronic disease medications and supplies.

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Lower health care costs for your company, and your employees.

As a self funded group we know that increasing prescription drug costs are a financial burden to both your business and your employees. We also know that you're always looking for smarter solutions to improve employee medication adherence.

That's where we come in.

We've developed a program that will help your company and employees save as much as 30-40% on chronic disease medication costs without infrastructure changes to your current program. Win win.

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Plug into your health care infrastructure seamlessly.

We plug into your current health care infrastructure without disruption or hassle. In fact, you won't believe how easy it is to start significantly saving your company money on prescription drug costs.

Here's how we pull it off:

  • Step 1: we consult with you about your current situation and see where we can start helping you save (no up-front cost).
  • Step 2: we provide a specific program that works for you and then help you go about getting things approved.
  • Step 3: we implement our program and execute the delivery of our medications and services without contracts.
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Improve employee health by increasing medication adherence.

Employees taking their prescribed medications has been shown to contribute to higher productivity and less time off for medical issues. Our program helps employees stay on track with their prescriptions by making things more convenient and user friendly.

Here's how our program will help your employees stay adherent:

  1. Automatic shipments: we automatically ship employees prescribed monthly medications right to their home. No need to call for a refill. Don't worry, shipping is free.
  2. Text message reminders: we send text message reminders on a daily basis to employee cell phones, reminding them about their medications.
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How our self-funded program works

Need more information?

We fully understand this is a big step that could mean significant changes to how your company deals with it's self pay program.

This isn't to be taken lightly! That's why we offer a 100% free, no hassle, no obligation, initial consultation. Let us talk with you so we can see if we can plug into you current system and start saving you money.


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